Our Team

Fuel4Growth was founded by Dr. Jerry Cahn and Steven V. Ramerini to help companies grow their companies faster. Both chair CEO and other groups for Vistage international, the leading chief executive organization serving over 14,500 executives in 16 countries. The team includes a team of industry experts who help clients reduce unnecessary operational expenses, re-design systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness, and/or raise capital for growth.

Steven V. Ramerini, a seasoned business executive, has a broad knowledge base derived from financial, banking and private industry experiences. A Vistage Group Chairman, since 1999, he leads four groups with over 50 CEO and business owner members. With a proven ability to combine strong motivational skills and decisive leadership abilities to develop and implement strategic visions, improve operational processes, enhance productivity and achieve financial objectives within an overall business strategy, Steve is consistently ranked as one of the highest performing Vistage Chairman.

Previously, Steve held various managerial positions at a major CPA firm and several financial institutions including Chase Manhattan Bank where his clients included large privately held companies and publicly traded multinational corporations. He later founded DRH Associates, LLC, a financial services consulting firm providing management services, financial, administrative and operational consulting services to several companies including Bombardier Capital and Mellon Bank's Middle Market Lending Group.

Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., a trusted advisor, strategic consultant and public speaker, helps leaders design and implement business strategies, improve organizational performance, and produce winning sales, marketing and investor communications. Since 2000, he's led Presentation Excellence, a resource center for business development, strategic communication and leadership services.

Previously, he was CEO and founder of Brilliant Image, a leading presentation graphics firm which, over 15 years, helped 5000+ demanding clients produce winning presentations on a 24/7 basis. Before that, he turned -around a public healthcare company (with its stock price increasing tenfold); served as a Legislative Assistant for Health and Environment on Capitol Hill, and consultant on Head Start's first effort to provide services to handicapped children. Dedicated to education, he teaches management courses at Baruch College (CUNY).