Re-designing systems can increase efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, customer loyalty, referral rates and profit margins.. and enables you to fuel company growth.

Here are a few interesting examples.

  • Banking traditionally was a 9 AM -3 PM business. Then banks tapped technology and re-designed basic processes to save money and be more customer-friendly. Today, ATMs, online banking, longer weekday hours and even7 day a week services are transforming the retail banking industry.
  • Traditionally, corporate offices needed to expand to meet the needs of expanding workforces. By re-designing the approach to equipping its workforce, i.e., recognizing its partially virtual nature (people working at home and executives moving from office-to-office) companies save on office-related rent, supplies, furniture and other expenses, and better meet the needs of some of its workers.
  • For centuries, we used printed books and purchased them through retail stores. Then e-commerce simplified the buying process. In 2010, Amazon reported that it sold more e-books than printed books.
  • Technology has totally changed (and continues to change) the distribution of home movies. E-commerce lets people buy disks or downloads directly, rather than going to retails outlets.
  • R&D used to be an internal process. Over the past few years, companies like Pfizer, Dell, Threadless, Netflix, etc. have re-designed their systems to partner with other people professionals, customers, and potential customer and get their input. For instance, the Netflix prize of $1million was given to an outside group that increased the effectiveness of its preference-matching algorithm.
Our team of Innovation Consultants studies your existing systems to see whether technological, financial, procedural, systematic or other changes can re-design the system to make it more efficient and effective, and thereby fuel your company growth. You pay only a percentage of the amount of money saved or added benefits generated. The rest is yours to fuel company growth.

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"In an era in which every institution is "reinventing" itself, we must take the time to examine what has worked, what needs to change, an what needs to be abandoned." Michele Hunt