Capital fuels corporate growth. How would you use extra capital: develop new products and services, increase profit margins, grow the customer base, increase customer loyalty, or something else?

After helping thousands of companies focus on growth, our team of experienced business owners, management consultants and executive coaches, realized that there are three things C-level professionals can do to finance growth:

  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary operational costs
  • Re-design business processes to be more efficient and effective
  • Raise capital from financial institutions and investors.
Why don't companies squeeze expenses and improve system productivity to generate extra capital? Reasons include:
  • Inertia: As companies evolve, staff becomes comfortable with existing vendors, even if they regularly raise prices over time. They rely on their operational, sales and marketing systems, even if they become bloated, rather than challenge whether their goals can be accomplished more efficiently and effectively saving time and money. It takes a major noticeable change in circumstances vendors raise their prices significantly or a new supplier offers a solution at much lower cost to shock management into exploring alternatives.
  • Limited Knowledge of Options. It's impossible to know all the competitive pricing options available, without spending a lot of time to get the information. Unless fully aware of specific savings opportunities, management doesn't believe that getting the information is the best use of its time.
  • Lack of Negotiation skills. While switching vendors isn't always difficult, many managers prefer to keep their current suppliers. Negotiating with the current vendor to match the lower pricing systems that are available, requires time and negotiation skills, which many managers lack.

Yet, when companies seek savings and increased productivity, benefits often exceed $100K!

The solution? Outsource the effort to Fuel4Growth:

  • We're motivated to help companies make wise changes to free up capital to spur growth; that's our mission.
  • It's our job to explore supplier and system options and identify higher value providers.
  • Armed with the knowledge and our expert negotiation skills, we negotiate the best deal on your behalf with your existing vendor or someone new, depending on your preference.
Here's the best part there is no upfront cost to you. If we believe we can save you money, we'll put it in writing what we think we can do for you. If you engage us to reduce costs, increase productivity or raise capital, you pay us a performance-based fee.

With our risk-free approach, what do you have to lose? The first step in fueling your company's growth is easy: Contact us! Call800-493-1334       or complete our contact form.